Cass Feels........

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its like im lying around doing nothing and when anyone feels like they need something that i can provide, they look for me when they need stuff like....



a voice that talks to them on the phone just to make them sleep ( they dont even care what the voice is saying ),

if they happen to be free and have nothing to do, they look for me to go and hang out with them ( dont even care if im ACTUALLY free or not )


coz im always not doing anything, right?..

thats what they all think...for once can someone think about me? ..... no one does

the only person that i can kind of bug once in a blue moon and be a little selfish is my brother...but even he almost always has something to do.....

i really hate this...... maybe i should just ignore everyone and pretend like im not there...but i dont think they'd notice or even care....then id just end up without any frens....

argh ...i cant bear to be lonely...maybe thats why i go so far and do so much to please people.

i really need someone to pillow has gone all flat already.... its not gonna puff up again..

T_T & thats another thing.....all my frens have several things in common....

1. they hate to hug ( they think its weird )
2. they hate expressing themselves ( even when we've known each other for so long )
3. they hate watching horror movies
4. they prefer NOT to eat cheap food ( but i'm always so damn pokai T_T )
5. they don't like to window shop like me ( if they go shopping the actually things with money......T_T & i stand around and either, watch them, follow them around or carry their stuff )
6. they'd rather go to a shoe shop than go to a book shop
7. they don't like sitting in one place and chatting for too long..( always on the move T_T )
8. they think my facial expressions are too bloody EXPRESSIVE...and they go like ( * Cass, can u please STOP THAT! * )....when all i did was look at something
9. they would keep quiet when i'm talking too loud and then tell me LATER that i had been too loud
10. they never ask me about my pets....the only people who do ask after them is Malini & Sis.Bodhi.

Maybe its time to disappear for a bit....


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A house that reminded Cass of her bodo work

heres the example........... T_T........gimme a pwetty fairy boy...i want one T_T

flops.............. flopping.......... floped.............


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Ah ling getting married.
21st Dec................. We're so gonna attend this.
Will plan with you at a later date ya.

This is the very first time I'm attending a wedding................
OMG OMG OMG OMG and it's Ah ling'sssssssssss

What are we gonna get her?


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Junjou Romantica the anime Season 2 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- waits -

*floats away* usagi-san~

Butterfly Award

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I received this award from JUNE

CooL? me? * Smirks*
June.....using the word cool on me not even close but all the same

i am

grateful..... :)

thanks... u remembered then again this is OUR joint blog, although as an after thought, i blog more here, but what the heck :)

*hugz JUNY!*

i think being compared to Harold & Kumar is way closer to what i really am LMAO
so here it is ...jeng jeng jeng

um.....nominating blogs?...i have to do this huh? ok....
I have to nominate my selection of blogs to receive the 'Butterfly Award' & put up a set of instructions... T_T

Instructions to follow :
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Nomination :
Really, the blog depicts the person (inside) :) i know..but when u see her, expresionless LOL
Nonetheless shes my good friend :) & a wonderful person with massive emotions.

Kim1 & Kim 2 ( two blogs )
Beautiful person inside & out...wish i could have known u better & her blog has the most unique photos...& loads of it

I stumbled onto his blog one day & since then im following his blog i dunno why... @_@ but i find it very amusing & cool

Swee Pie
hahahaha! i love most of his entries...he's the wordy wordy person. Makes me laugh all the time. :)

I cant nominate 10 ppl coz i dont know that many & im nominating ppl who've already been nominated ...i dunno what else to do so...

4 those who ive nominated, do whatever u want with ure award or u can take ure awards and smile :)

i Luv Word Play

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Currently hooked on to a web comic called ' FREAKANGELS '

Was reading thru it today and came upon a note from the comic artist himself about his partner

Couldn't help it but i ABSOLUTELY LOVED! the way he worded this whole

Here's the link :
PS: FREAKANGELS is a free, weekly, ongoing comic written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Paul Duffield.

Nothing to do with me...i'm just appreciating art and spreading the word
so DON'T PROSECUTE ME! coz ive already mentioned it doesn't belong to me ...ok?... * all smiles & sunshine, throws in a rainbow *

June's Dictionary

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im gonna keep a list of the words, ( or a weird combination of words ) that June uses that absolutely makes.....

stupid sense


Saturday - 27 September 2008 - 10 am

- meaning, to make one's name sound too much like the name of a Chinese person
- derived from the word ' CINA APEK ', which means ( old Chinese man )
- ' meng-' is the meaning equivalent to ( to make )
EG of a sentence structure " i dun like to mengcinapekkan my name "

Saturday - 4 October 2008 - Time?..cassie forgot her mobile & her wall clock is dead & her pc clock is screwed

ala chinese opera style
- meaning, to run away in the manner of a person who acts in an old ancient chinese stage drama
- it makes no sense because the word style is repeated ( TWICE ) in two different languages
- but it does not matter, we r all Malaysians & THIS is wat we do
EG of a sentence structure " *runs away ala chinese opera style* "